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Customer Description

From its beginnings as a small shop in 1910, dodenhof has evolved into northern Germany‘s largest shopping center, boasting over 125,000 m² of sales floor space in Posthausen, Lower Saxony. The company has expanded further with a second location situated in Kaltenkirchen near Hamburg. As the 4th generation of the dodenhof family, the company has always been committed to meeting the needs of its visitors throughout its long trading tradition. This dedication has resulted in a fascinating range of products across the dodenhof shopping worlds, including fashion, sports, technology, and gourmet goods.


  • The decreasing numbers of visitors to physical stores
  • COVID-19 pandemic
  • The separation of online and phyiscal stores
  • The rapid increase of online sales
Case Study | dodenhof

Marketplace connection in only four weeks

Dodenhof was able to significantly increase its eCommerce sales thanks to the fast and agile connection of new marketplaces made possible by the Scheer PAS platform, which can connect and put a new marketplace into operation within four weeks.

Scheer PAS Solution

Specially designed tool called "Picker Cockpit"

With this tool, multiple orders can be processed simultaneously, resulting in efficient order fulfillment and fast delivery of goods to customers.

Our mission was to provide dodenhof with means to integrate all of their existing platforms. Scheer PAS helped with the transition to post-COVID retail industry with agility to face new challenges.

Case Study

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