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„Thanks to Scheer PAS, we have new highly flexible systems up and running faster. At the same time, our operating costs have been reduced by 40%.“

Linda Hoebe

CFO | MS Mode

Scheer PAS Customer Story MS Mode 1 Process iPaaS Retail

"With our application landscape, we have now achieved a level of integration that is unparalleled in the retail sector. Scheer PAS is the central element of the application landscape."

Nina Nouri

R&D | Villeroy & Boch AG

Scheer PAS Customer Story Villeroy & Boch Process iPaaS

"The new system will save us time, necessary security checks will be completed quickly and securely, we will relieve the burden on the police and state administration office, and the backlog of inquiries will be eliminated."

Klaus Bouillon

Saarland Minister of the Interior

Scheer PAS Customer Story Ministry of Interiror Sarland Process iPaaS