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The manufacturing industry is facing multiple challenges, considering the current situation in the world...

Scheer PAS Manufacturing challenge

Data silos

Having vast amounts of data, but much of it is often trapped in isolated systems or departments and unavailable to others.

Complex supply chains

The discrepancies in ERP, CRM, MES, and PLM systems make it hard to be efficient and agile in the digital age.


Manufacturing companies are lacking IT systems that can scale with their business growth and adapt to market demands.

Regulatory compliance

The manufacturing industry is subject to numerous regulations regarding product quality, safety, and environmental impact.

The Scheer PAS

Process-driven Integration provides solutions specifically tailored to the manufacturing industry.

  • Seamless processes, from supplier to delivery
  • Automated document processing using AI
  • Tailor-made UIs for machine operators
Scheer PAS Manufacturing solution

Figure: Example of Scheer PAS Architecture for the Manufacturing Industry

Enhancing Manufacturing
with Scheer PAS

Solving problems such as:

  • Supply chain optimization
  • Quality management
  • Asset performance management
  • Product lifecycle management
  • Digital product pass
  • and much more…

Optimization of the production process was achieved by integrating SAP as the backend system, which further increased efficiency and productivity.

From Clay to Sale
with Scheer PAS

A video case study shows how the leading German ceramics manufacturer uses Scheer PAS to develop a new product lifecycle management (PLM) process and fundamentally reorganize its business model.


Learn from the success of manufacturing industry leaders - watch the webinar with:

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Scheer PAS Manufacturing Icon Webinar
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Scheer PAS Manufacturing Icon Webinar
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Listen to the Experts


  • How Villeroy & Boch leveraged Scheer PAS to standardise and automate processes

  • Forrester analyst Bernhard Schaffrik on typical problems with process automation

  • How to choose the right platform for your digital transformation

  • How Artificial Intelligence (AI) supports process automation and creates added value

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