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Retail Industry

The retail industry has its own challenges, some of which have only become apparent in recent years.

Scheer PAS Retail Challenge

Logistic challenges

Goods need to be transported between different locations and distribution centers to ensure optimal supply to all stores.

Customer expectations

Delivery times can vary depending on the availability of the logistics service provider's staff.


Returns need to be processed quickly and reintegrated into the regular inventory for resale in order to reduce costs.

Promotional items

Promotional items with limited shelf life or seasonal relevance need to be sold quickly, while avoiding overstock situations.

Scheer PAS

The unique combination of integration and process automation provides solutions specifically tailored to the retail industry.

  • Fully connected stores and online shops
  • Real-time pricing and inventory display
  • Synchronized inventory management
Scheer PAS Retail solution

Figure: Example of Scheer PAS Architecture for the Retail Industry

Enhancing Retail
with Scheer PAS

In the retail sector, characteristics such as modularity, flexibility, and agility are crucial for seizing new opportunities and generating further growth.

Retail Success

Learn from the success of retail industry leaders

Client testimonials

„Thanks to Scheer PAS, we have new highly flexible systems up and running faster. At the same time, our operating costs have been reduced by 40%.“

Linda Hoebe

CFO | MS Mode

Scheer PAS Customer Story MS Mode 1 Process iPaaS Retail

„With our application landscape, we have now reached a level of integration that is leading in retail. Scheer PAS is the central architectural element.“


Head of IM

Scheer PAS Integration iPaaS Case Study Example dodenhof small Retail

"40% reduction in integration costs, 5x faster integration of SAP - and everything is in operation according to the business plan."

Nikon Europe BV

Head of Direct Sales 

“The number of integration options and the flexibility are outstanding as is the speed of implementation.”

Manja Kuntzsch

Head of DM Kneipp 

Case Study Example:

From its beginnings as a small shop in 1910, dodenhof has evolved into northern Germany‘ s largest shopping center, boasting over 125,000 m² of sales floor space in Posthausen, Lower Saxony. As the 4th generation of the dodenhof family, the company has always been committed to meeting the needs of its visitors throughout its long trading tradition. This dedication has resulted in a fascinating range of products across the dodenhof shopping worlds, including fashion, sports, technology, and gourmet goods.

Scheer PAS Integration iPaaS Case Study Example dodenhof 2 Retail
Scheer PAS Integration iPaaS Case Study Example dodenhof Retail

The Challenge

Complicated IT system landscape

dodenhof‘s IT system became highly heterogeneous, hindering the development of their digital strategy. The absence of an integration platform led to a complex web of point-to-point connections, with the existing POS system linked to five different division-specific ERP systems.

Scheer PAS Implementation

Unified and Integrated IT Systems


Scheer PAS Integration iPaaS Case Study Example dodenhof 3 RetailScheer PAS Integration iPaaS Case Study Example dodenhof 4 Retail

Client testimonial

„Through the longstanding successful cooperation, Scheer PAS is not just a service provider who operates a technical system for us. As a partner, Scheer PAS has become part of dodenhof - just like the software solution.“

Alexander Giehoff

dodenhof | Project and Process Manager

Scheer PAS Integration iPaaS Case Study Example dodenhof small Retail


Transparent interface management, including reverse engineering of…

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