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“Kneipp works. Naturally” - the effective naturopathic studies of health pioneer Sebastian Kneipp laid the foundation for the creation and development of today's Kneipp GmbH and the Kneipp® brand in 1891. Today, as an internationally active company based in Würzburg, Kneipp exports popular body care and bath products as well as medicinal products and dietary supplements to many countries around the world.


  • Optimize purchasing experience for customers
  • Link sales channels of online shop and flagship stores
  • Lack of documentation for point-to-point integration
  • Flexibility for fast adaptations in the future
Case Study | Kneipp

Future-proof implementation of the omnichannel strategy

The decisive factor for satisfied customers is a good user experience. At Kneipp, a key component for this is the seamless linking of all sales channels, such as the flagship store and online store, through an intelligent omnichannel strategy. Thanks to the model-based approach of Scheer PAS, the development and expansion of the online store offering and international growth in flagship stores are quick and transparent.

Scheer PAS Solution

Intelligent linking of all sales channels

The model-based integration approach enables optimization of the processes during business operations.

Our mission was to expand Kneipp's online offering in various countries and to handle the entire process and system integration between the flagship stores in Germany and the USA.

Case Study

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