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Saarland State Police


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The Saarland Police is the official state police force of the German federal state of Saarland, comprising approximately 3,200 employees, including around 2,700 law enforcement officers. The state police headquarters operates under the purview of the Saarland Ministry of the Interior, Building and Sport.


  • Highly qualified staff dealing with time-consuming, cost-intensive and error-prone routine jobs
  • A shortage of personnel
  • Growing complexity of certain tasks
Case Study | Saarland State Police

AI-based plausibility check of accident reports

The Saarland police force is currently facing a shortage of personnel, and highly qualified staff members are spending a lot of time dealing with routine jobs that are time-consuming, cost-intensive, and error-prone. Some tasks have also become increasingly complex. To address these challenges, there is a need for process automation.

Scheer PAS Solution

Higher efficiency and minimized error

This is exactly where the solution comes in. In future, only those cases that need to be corrected will be returned to the original reporting officer for checking; all others where a clear allocation can be made by the AI will no longer be checked manually.

Our mission was to provide Saarland State Police with means to automate the manual tasks with AI, negating the need for personnel which they were lacking.

Case Study

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