The Process iPaaS

The Process iPaaS

Are you looking for an integration platform as a service (iPaaS), which can explicitly support your business processes? Look no further! Scheer PAS is where processes meet integration. Scheer PAS allows your integration flows to be fully aligned with the overall business goals, ensuring integration delivers cost savings, increased throughput and maximum value to the organization.

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Where Process meets Integration:


Scheer PAS provides powerful integration capabilities, allowing seamless connectivity and automation across various applications and systems.

  • Application integration
  • API management
  • Service orchestration
  • End-to-end workflow automation
  • UI development
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Automate End-to-End

With the Scheer PAS, you can orchestrate people, tasks and applications to automate  business processes from end to end.

  • Process design
  • Process automation
  • Orchestration
  • Process analytics & mining
  • Process optimization
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Honorable Mention 2024

Scheer PAS has been included as an honorable mention into the 2024 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™  for Integration Platform as s Service report. Click here for the full article.

Integrations with:

Scheer PAS integrates applications and data so that both legacy and modern systems can exchange data, in the cloud or on-premise. This is just a selection of common  applications. Scheer PAS can also integrate with almost any other system thanks to its comprehensive integration capabilities.

Scheer PAS Salesforce Process iPaaS
Scheer PAS Magento Process iPaaS
Scheer PAS AWS Process iPaaS
Scheer PAS Google Process iPaaS
Scheer PAS SAP Process iPaaS
Scheer PAS Azure Process iPaaS
Scheer PAS Snowflake Process iPaaS
Scheer PAS Jira Process iPaaS
Scheer PAS Oracle Process iPaaS
Scheer PAS Microsoft Process iPaaS

And many more...

Forrester Report

Scheer PAS has been mentioned in the Forrester Report “The Automation Fabric Landscape Q4, 2022”. The report provides an overview of 22 automation fabric vendors and Scheer PAS is proud to be listed amongst them. Click here for the full article. 

Success Stories

This is what our customers have to say. These are the statements that count!

"Thanks to Scheer PAS, we have new highly flexible systems up and running faster. At the same time, our operating costs have been reduced by 40%."

Linda Hoebe

CFO | MS Mode

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„Through the longstanding successful cooperation, Scheer PAS is not just a service provider who operates a technical system for us. As a partner, Scheer PAS has become part of dodenhof - just like the software solution.“

Alexander Giehoff

Project and Process Manager | dodenhof

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"The new system will save us time, necessary security checks will be completed quickly and securely, we will relieve the burden on the police and state administration office, and the backlog of inquiries will be eliminated."

Klaus Bouillon

Former Saarland Minister of the Interior

Scheer PAS Customer Story Ministry of Interiror Sarland Process iPaaS

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