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MS Mode



Customer Description

As an international fashion chain, MS Mode has over 400 shops in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, France, and Spain, as well as its own web shop in each of these countries. In total, MS Mode employs around 2,500 people. The international service office is located in the Netherlands.


  • Sales channels are not integrated and IT systems are not ready for omnichannel
  • Web shop not connected to other IT systems
  • No flexibility for the connection of further external sales channels
Case Study | MS Mode

40% lower operating costs through omnichannel platform

The European fashion chain MS Mode has set up a transparent and universally applicable omnichannel platform with the help of Scheer PAS. Most of the existing IT systems will continue to be used and designed for omnichannel operation. New marketplaces can now be connected within weeks instead of months in complex projects and implemented during ongoing operations.

Scheer PAS Solution

Flexibility through holistic information architecture

The basis for achieving the growth strategy and the omni-channel platform is a new and holistic information architecture. Sustainability and flexibility ensure that MS Mode remains competitive. Implementation and operation are completely covered by Scheer PAS. Systems only carry out the processes and tasks they were designed for.

Our mission was to provide MS Mode with a platform that manages the collection and distribution of data and ensures that even outdated systems can continue to work without any problems.

Case Study

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