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Customer Description

EVN is a leading energy and infrastructure service group with a market capitalization of more than 3.4 billion euros. The EVN Group offers its customers electricity, gas, heat, water, and thermal waste recycling from a single source, based on state-of-the-art infrastructure. EVN operates in 14 countries, has around 9,500 employees, and achieved revenues of more than 2.2 billion euros, with profit growth of over 58% in the last four years. EVN serves more than 3 million households with electricity.


  • Integration of processes and IT after acquisition of new business units
  • Introduction of SAP in new countries as part of the Carve-in process is too expensive
  • Replacement of SAP Business Connector by SAP PI is too complex for the intended use
  • International collaboration is difficult due to language barriers
Case Study | EVN

Rapid integration with central SAP system after Carve-In

The energy and infrastructure service provider EVN uses Scheer PAS as a replacement for the SAP Business Connector to simplify and speed up integration with third-party applications within the context of a Carve-In.

Scheer PAS Solution

Productivity in the shortest amount of time

EVN was looking for a solution that, in combination with SAP PI, would provide a lightweight alternative for replacing SAP BC interfaces. This should also allow for easier integration of heterogeneous applications in the new countries.

Our mission was to provide EVN with the new interfaces created with Scheer PAS. This includes the connection to the local backend systems, all B2B integrations, including the bank connections via SWIFT, as well as the connection to EVN's headquaters in Vienna.

Case Study

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