Modularity and Reusability as a Path towards the Composable Enterprise

Existing (monolithic) business applications often no longer meet the requirements that companies face today.

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Application Composition

Why you should read this whitepaper:

Discover how an Application Composition Platform can empower your company to deal with today‘s dynamic business landscape by gaining unmatched agility, cost-efficiency and collaboration through a modular application approach. Learn from real success stories, making processes more efficient.

Learn how with one tool you can combine integration, development, and automation, making it your secret weapon for reshaping your company‘s future.


  • What is API management?
  • What is the Composable Enterprise?
  • Why is an Application Composition Platform needed?
  • Competitive advantage with PBCs
  • Solution approach Scheer PAS for the Composable Enterprise
  • Customer example(s)
Application Composition

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