How it works?

...and what does Process iPaaS mean?

What is Process iPaaS?

Process iPaaS is an integrated set of technologies designed to streamline business processes and ensure seamless integration across various systems.

Central components of Process iPaaS

End-to-End Integration

A solution focused on integrating entire business processes, allowing for seamless data flow and coordination from start to finish.

Design, Implement, Monitor

Tools that enable the design, implementation, and monitoring of complex workflows, with the ability to adjust and optimize processes as needed.

Process Mining

The use of advanced analytics to discover, monitor, and improve processes, providing insights into process inefficiencies and bottlenecks.

Process iPaaS brings together these elements to create a cohesive platform for integrating, automating, and managing business processes. It allows organizations to connect different systems and applications, streamline operations, and gain valuable insights for continuous improvement.

Scheer PAS Offering

Business Potential Identification

Prioritization (Efficiency, ROI, Duration, Resources)

Process and Digital Mindset & Skills

Change Management and Training

Governance Model

Agile Process Automation Methodology

Process Management / Enterprise Architecture

Continuous Improvement and Innovation

Process Driven Digital Transformation Advisory

Process Assessment and Mapping

Application Integration Strategy and Architecture

Composable Architecture

Custom Solutions

Legacy System Modernization

Hyper Automation Tooling

Continuous Monitoring and Optimization

Technical Solution Architecture

Process Design (BPMN)

Process Implementation
(Integration, Automation,
API-Management, UX)

Process Execution

Process Analytics &
Process Mining

Process iPaaS Platform

How it works?

4 Steps with Scheer PAS

Step 1


Utilizing the Scheer PAS Designer tool to visually construct BPMN diagrams

Step 2


Integrate IT systems, manage APIs, automate and processes and create UIs with Scheer PAS

Step 3


Witness the transformation of your fully integrated and automated company

Step 4

Analytics and Mining

Gain insights from the data and improve your business to meet the future demands

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