From Clay to Sale: Low-Code platform revolutionizes PLM of German leading ceramics manufacturer

Scheer PAS From clay to sale - Manufacturing Webinar Header

This case study highlights how the leading German ceramics producer utilized the Scheer PAS Low-Code platform to develop a new PLM process to adapt to changes in their business model. The integration of SAP as a backend system further streamlined the production process, resulting in increased efficiency and productivity. The demo showcases the benefits of leveraging a Low-Code platform to create customized solutions for business process optimization, with seamless integration with existing systems.

Key take-aways:

  • Utilizing business departments to create new, innovative applications by using BPMN-Models
  • How to get rid of boundaries by monolithic SAP ERP functionalities
  • How to generate Angular applications and complex system-integrations out of BPMN-Models with Low-Code