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Beschreibung des Kunden

The XXXLutz Group operates over 320 furniture stores in 13 European countries and employs more than 25,700 people. In Germany, over 11,000 employees contribute to the group’s success, which operates 48 XXXLutz furniture stores and 43 Mömax trend take-away markets in the country. With an annual turnover of 5.1 billion euros, the XXXLutz Group is one of the world’s largest furniture retailers. In addition, the joint GIGA purchasing association bundles more than 1.6 billion euros in sales from POCO (8,500 employees).

des Einzelhandels

  • Lack of E2E order digitization
  • Manual data entry easily leads to errors
  • Difficult traceability and transparency of processes
  • Lack of real-time information
Fallstudie | XXXLutz

100% digitalized order processing

The delivery process is often the Achilles’ heel of order processing in retail. Lack of transparency due to manual process steps leads to inaccuracies and errors. By digitizing this final stage of order processing, you make life easier for all process participants, improve customer service, and increase your efficiency.

Scheer PAS-Lösung

No more papers in business

With the support of Scheer PAS, XXXLutz has switched from a paper-based furniture delivery process to a fully digital order processing system, digitizing the final stage of the process as well.

Our mission was to provide XXXLutz with a solution that would allow them to get rid of their inefficiencies, lack of transparency and manual work by digitizing their processes.


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