Low-Code and Integrated Master Data for More Agility in Retail

Learn how to avoid the pitfalls of the shortage of skilled workers and learn valuable insights from real life examples

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Warum Sie dieses Whitepaper lesen sollten:

The shortage of skilled workers threatens entrepreneurial success, and digitalization is progressing slowly in many organizations. Application development using Low-Code technology offers a promising solution.

This whitepaper helps CIOs and other decision-makers in companies develop an effective approach to the topic of Low-Code. You will gain an overview of the key challenges, methodologies, and advantages that Low-Code technology brings.


  • Management Zusammenfassung
  • Current challenges in the retail industry or in (retail) trade
  • Why do previous solutions often fail?
  • What is the value for a retail company in using an Application Composition Platform?
  • Scheer PAS for the retail industry
  • Retail industry solutions and strategies for improvement
  • Benefits of using Scheer PAS in retail
  • Kundenbeispiel(e)

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