The Power of API Management: Enhancing Enterprise Resilience and Agility

Discover the world of API management! APIs bridge digital realms, but they need to be managed and secured.

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API Management

Warum Sie dieses Whitepaper lesen sollten:

This whitepaper unveils why API management is vital for any modern business. Gain a competitive edge by streamlining partner integrations, monetizing data, ensuring seamless mobile experiences, enhancing security, and tapping into data analytics. Explore the Scheer PAS approach, showcasing real-world success story and the role of API management in an Application Composition Platform.


  • What is API management?
  • What is integration (iPaaS)?
  • Competitive advantage with API management
  • Scheer PAS approach for API management
  • Kundenbeispiel(e)
  • Eine Application Composition Platform als Lösung für mehr Flexibilität und Agilität
  • API management in the context of an Application Composition Platform
API Management

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