AI – A Buzzword with a Cool Connection

Even after setting everything up and seeing the benefits of having an Application Composition Platform in your business, there is still someone on the payroll draining your resources (and wasting their own talent and time) just by watching the stream of your business data and monitoring for any inconsistencies.

Having AI do the monitoring and alerting you or your staff of anything unusual or different will not only save you time but also help your business in general.

Because, let’s be honest…

AI was, and still is, the buzzword of the last couple of years, and with good reason. From automation to process monitoring, all the way to regulatory compliance and innovative user interfaces, AI can do a lot of things.

Now, having an Application Composition Platform that already covers a wide range of use cases by itself might not seem to fit into the “AI story.” If a platform can already cover your Low-Code application development, process automation and mining, and system integration even without much technological expertise, where does the “A” tie in?

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Imagine that your business staff (alongside the help from your IT department) is already working on such a platform and managing to fill all the nooks and crannies of your business. Then AI wants to jump in. Where would you put it?

Somewhere between the IT department and the business department, AI fits perfectly. Just by having an OpenAI connector, your business staff can use natural language to describe the intricacies of your business workflows and create intelligent process automation. But that is just the start.

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Your users (or clients) would benefit from having someone helping them 24/7, but your budget does not allow more recruitment. That is where the beauty of OpenAI’s natural language interaction comes in with enhanced chatbots and support. Let’s face it, when the majority of your IT department is relaxing, the great idea that someone from your core business staff had usually has to wait because they’re not that skilled in Pro-Coding something so customized. Then the “A” joins the “I,” and your business does not have to wait.

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Still, there is someone who has to wait for slow regulations and sign tons of documents. That someone is you. Because your business has to comply with different regulations. Such a repetitive yet mandatory task can drain your energy quickly, forcing you to think less about improving your business and more about how you forgot to sign the J51-385 document. Since it is repetitive and takes your or your staff’s time, why not let AI cover all of the compliance regulations and signing? Or does that heap of documents excite you for the working day?

Now when AI is covering the majority of the monotonous work, your staff does not have to deal with it anymore. What’s next? You’ve addressed all the inconsistencies, dealt with business staff not wanting to become experts in programming, covered your users with support, and now you want to move things further. Don’t focus your relieved staff on everything because there is still much more that AI can do for your business.

  1. Training and Onboarding: Just by having an OpenAI connector, AI can develop interactive and engaging training modules that use natural language interactions to onboard new users and train them on the platform’s functionalities, saving a ton of time and money.
  2. Collaborative Process Design: The integration can facilitate collaborative process design and modification by allowing multiple users to interact with the system using natural language, ensuring better alignment and communication among team members. You should be honest, playing Chinese Whispers with your staff is slowing you down.
  3. Data Insights and Analytics: Nobody understands why data analysts love staring at huge chunks or streams of characters and numbers. By analyzing large volumes of textual data, AI can provide valuable insights to users regarding process performance, bottlenecks, trends, and potential improvements. Let your staff stare at your future, not the data that represents your past.
  4. Process Documentation: Because let’s face it, it is difficult enough to make something work, let alone document the entire process. The OpenAI connector can assist in generating comprehensive process documentation, summaries, and reports. Users can easily communicate process details and updates with stakeholders through well-structured and coherent language.

Where “A” meets the eye

All of these things are within your reach just by using the OpenAI connector on a platform that is already comprehensive. Also, as AI gets smarter, and as you have more time to think about important things for your business, more ideas of using AI in it will come to you. You can always try punching the clock to get more time but automating the rest. Now that should be pretty easy for you when the “A” meets your business’s “I”.