Application development for more agility and flexibility

Instead of using traditional, text-based programming languages, applications can be created using visual design tools and graphical modeling techniques through Low-Code technology

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Low-Code Application

Why you should read this whitepaper:

The shortage of skilled workers threatens business success, and digitalization is progressing slowly in many organizations. Application development using Low-Code technology offers a promising solution.

This whitepaper assists CIOs and other decision-makers in companies in developing an effective approach to Low-Code. It provides an overview of the key challenges, methodologies, and benefits that Low-Code technology brings.


  • What is API management?
  • What is Low-Code Application Development?
  • Different Types of Applications
  • Bridging Gaps with Fusion Teams
  • Collaborative Low-Code & Pro-Code Application Development
  • Customer example(s)
  • And more...
Low-Code App Development

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